Drive (3-phase)

Heating Load

03 trays

0.25 hp

3 KW

06 trays

0.25 hp

3 KW

12 trays

0.5 hp

3 KW

24 trays

0.5 hp

6 KW

36 trays

1 hp

6 KW

 48 trays

1 hp

6 KW

96 trays

2 hp

15 KW


Salient Features


: Drying granules, pills, leaves, etc.




: S. S. 304 Q. / 316 Q. (contact parts)


: Fabricated in double walled MS / SS Sheet construction mounted on rigid steel frame-work with
  insulation & best quality u type heaters. For STD model the entire unit is painted with synthetic
  enamels with suitable pre-coats. The inside is painted with heat resistance paints to resist
  temperatures up to 100 120 degree Celsius max. GMP Models are totally cladded with SS sheets

  form outside.


: A suitable motor driven blower circulates the Hot air through the totally enclosed type strip heaters
  and is circulated in the drier by means  of a Fan, fitted on the oven. Moist air can be exhausted by

  the means of dampers provided.

Control Panel

: Compromising Thermostat (temperature controller), Lamp Indicators, Push button- on/off switch
  (starter), conductor duly interconnected suitably.


: Air-inlet, Air filter, Adjustable air outlet, Self-locking insulated door.

Optional accessories / attachments

  • Electric Heaters 1KW / 2 KW

  • Trolley arrangement for easy portability

  • Trolley for Trays (with and without product) storage

  • Earthing Bolt on Control box 

Recommended Spares

  • SS Trays (16 x 32 x 1.25 -16/18/20 swg or as per desire)

  • Aluminum Trays (16 x 32 x 1.25 -16/18/20 swg or as per desire)

  • Perforated Trays (SS / Aluminum)